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Long-Run Oil System
for Prime-Power Generator Sets

Features & Benefits

Long-Run PackageFrontier's innovate Long Run Oil System™ package offers extended oil change intervals to 2,500-3,000 hours, depending on the model.

Frontier's field-proven Long Run Oil System offers customers extended service intervals without sacrificing the life of the engine.

This package is available on most of our prime power generator sets from 6.5 kWe to 2,000 kWe.

PowerLine gensets 6.5-36 kW
Remote site gensets
Sound-attenuated gensets
Turn-key & specialty gensets

The Long Run Oil System includes:

Long run sumpFeatures & Benefits
Frontier's exclusive Long Run Oil System significantly reduces the labour and travel costs for routine service at remote sites. This feature also ensures longer engine life in cases where routine maintenance requirements may be overlooked.

Our system is designed so that the engine's oil pump does not lose its prime when shut down. When the engine is restarted there is oil available. This is extremely important in cold climates.

As far as we know, no competitive generator sets are available with this style of extended-run oil sump. We have seen extended-run systems manufactured by others that are complicated, much more troublesome and a lot more maintenance than ours. Ours is basically a hands-off oil system that does not require extra maintenance. No float valves, no auxiliary tanks. Our system is very simple and very reliable.

Please contact our equipment sales team to discuss your application.

John Deere 6081A with long-run
John Deere 6081A powered 200kWe genset with Long Run Oil System.