The investment in emergency power can be substantial. Make sure your standby power system is in top shape and ready to start when required.

When you don’t properly maintain a standby generator, the generators are prone to not start in a power outage situation, which can be very costly. In many cases, these units don’t start because of failed components (e.g., low coolant level, weak or dead battery) that would have been caught if the generator was on a regular service plan.

Many municipalities require generators used for emergency purposes (e.g., hospitals, data centres, waste water treatment facilities) to be serviced by a certified ASTT generator technician in order to pass the annual fire inspection. In many cases, there are also legal, liability costs associated with not properly maintaining your generator.

In addition to the generator sets that we sell, we provide planned maintenance programs for most standby generators on the market.

Our maintenance programs are based on the latest Canadian Standards Association (CSA) maintenance guidelines (C282 – Emergency electrical power supply for building). We can also customize your maintenance program to meet your requirements and help you setup a weekly and monthly maintenance program for your staff to perform.

For more information on our planned maintenance programs or a quote, contact your nearest Frontier Power Products Service department or complete the Planned Maintenance Quote Request Form.

Do the Math

Whether it is your home, your car or truck, or your lawnmower, regular, planned maintenance is the best course. And, if you wait, it is going to cost you a lot more money, not to mention reduce the life of your car, your truck, and so on. The same with engines and generators. Typically, without regular maintenance, either the generator is not going to work when you need it, or it is going to breakdown before its time, or the cost of major repairs is going to really hurt.

For example:

The following hypothetical example shows how a generator with a planned maintenance lasted 50 percent longer than the one without, resulting in an annual cost savings of 33 percent.

Cost of generator: $100,000

Generator A: On Planned Maintenance program 
Average life of generator: 30 years
Annual cost of planned maintenance: $1,000
Cost per year: $4,333 per year
(($100,000 + (30×$1,000))/30 years)
Generator B: No Planned Maintenance program 
Average life of generator: 20 years
Major repair costs every 5 years: $10,000
Cost per year: $6,500 per year
(($100,000 + (3×$10,000))/20 years)

Standard (CSA C282-based) Planned Maintenance Contract PDF-Icon 1

CSA 282 Maintenance Requirements Summary PDF-Icon 1

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