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John Deere Power Systems Group
John Deere
Marine and industrial diesel engines to 600 hp. Funk power transmission products. Frontier and John Deere
Industrial diesel engines
48 - 600 hp
Marine diesel propulsion engines
80-750 hp
Marine diesel gen set engines
54-588 hp
Funk drivetrain components
John Deere Reman™
remanufactured engines
Replacement Label engines John Deere Reman™
remanufactured parts
Kubota Engines
Industrial diesel, gasoline, gaseous fuelled engines to 99 hp. Specialty generator sets and custom marine products.
Industrial liquid cooled diesel engines
7-115 hp
Liquid cooled gasoline & gasoline/LP engines
24-61 hp
Marine diesel engines
20-67 hp
Kubota BG series generator drive engines
9 - 52 kWm
Natural gas engines
24 hp
Oil-Air Cooled diesel Engines
6-9 hp
Specialty pre-packaged generator sets
SQ "Super Quiet" Generators
Single Phase 11.2 - 24 kVA
Three Phase 11.2 - 38.5 kVA
GL Series Generators Quiet, Low Profile
7 kW and 11 kW standby, 6.5 kW and 10 kW prime
Kohler Power Systems
Industrial generator sets, transfer switches and switchgear - more information..
Industrial diesel generators
to 2,800 kW (2.8 MW)
Gaseous, propane and natural gas generators
to 800 kW
Generator controls
Packaging Mobile diesel generators 20-500 kW Transfer switches
Paralleling switchgear
Marine generator sets - more information..
Marine diesel generators
to 180 kW
Marine gasoline generators
to 15 kW
Low CO emissions generators
to 15 kW
Residential generator sets & transfer switches - more information..
Residential generators to 125 kW (+) Residential transfer switches
Remote monitoring Accessories
Small business generator sets - more information..
Commercial generators for small business overview Generator set selector
Mobile generator sets - more information..
Commercial vehicles Recreational vehicles
GE Engines
Mitsubishi Engines
GE marine & stationary enigines
GE marine engines
2000 - 6250 hp
GE stationary generator sets
1 MWe - 3 MWe
Mitsubishi Engines
Mitsubishi Engines
Large-bore industrial & marine diesel engines
Industrial generator set engines
816 - 2923 hp
Marine diesel engines
429 - 2158 hp
Funk Manufacturing
Funk, a subsidiary of John Deere, is a world leader in the design and production of power train components for off-road, heavy duty equipment.
Hydraulic pump drives
5 basic families in "live" or clutched versions, with or without speed increasing or speed reducing ratios; up to 5 hydraulic pump mounting pads
Planetary Gear Drives
8 models are available to 325 HP input. Configurations for radial mounting, swing mounting or track drive. Wide variety of ratios offered.
PowerShift transmissions
can enhance machine reliability and productivity. Choose from mechanical or electronic control versions and up to 11 speeds. Electronic versions 150 to 500 HP Manual versions 50 to 250 HP
HMD (hydraulic motor driven) transmissions
Four families of HMD transmissions provide enhanced versatility from a single hydraulic motor input. Up to 300 lb-ft of allowable input torque and 2, 3 or 4 output speeds.
Inboard planetary axles
Non-steerable axles in three families are available. Peak vertical loads of up to 89,000 pounds per axle with various reduction ratios.
Transfluid Transmissioni Industriali
Transfluid power transmission products
Transfluid manufactures a wide variety of power transmission products
Constant fill fluid couplings Variable fill fluid couplings Clutches & PTO's Pump drives Flexible couplings
MP Pumps
MP Pumps
Centrifugal, self-priming, hot oil, high head and 'Chemflo' pumps.
Industrial, marine, agricultural, transportation and petroleum industry pumps
FMC Industrial Pumps
FMC (Bean) Pumps
Piston and pluger type pumps to 535 gpm, pressures to 10,000 psi
Industrial pumps
FMC Technologies Pumps have provided exceptional performance and value since their introduction in 1884
FMC Piston pumps
Oil & gas industry pumps
Vertical drilling & mining pumps
Horizontal & directional drilling pumps
Reciprocating pump specifications
Our Mudmaster™ pressure & supply pump units incorporate FMC pumps
Berkeley Pumps
Berkeley Pumps
A broad range of pumps for irrigation, dewatering and general purpose usage
Berkeley Electronic Catalog Online catalog
Stamford Generators
Stamford Power Generation
Synchronous 2, 4 and 6-pole AC generators to 2800 kVA
Brushless AC generators, automatic voltage regulators and accessories
PowerTower & Genesis Light Towers
Light towers
Frontier Power Products designs & builds lighting towers
PowerTower™ portable lighting towers
built to withstand western Canada's severe operating conditions. Reliability, durability, operating economy and versatility combined in a superior, field proven unit.
Genesis Power Light™
portable lighting towers for work sites, sporting events or other locations requiring reliable, portable lighting.
PowerLine generator: standard and custom-built
Frontier designed & built
Long run oil system
Frontier Power Products designs & builds prime power generator sets, power units and pumping units
Kubota-driven PowerLine™ generator sets
6.5 - 38 kWe
John Deere-driven PowerLine™ generator sets
40 - 400 kWe
Sound-attenuated generator sets
40 - 275 kWe
Mitsubishi-driven PowerLine™ generators sets
350 kWe - 2 MWe
"Turn key" generator sets Remote site generator sets with communications
Motor generator (M-G) sets Long Run Oil System™ generator sets Specialty generator sets
Pump units - standard and custom-built
Mudmaster pump units
Frontier designs and builds Mudmaster pump units for the explorational drilling industry, and standard diesel-powered pumping units
pressure & supply pump units

Diesel, hydraulic and AC motor powered
Custom Pump units
Frontier designs and builds many types of standard and custom pump units
Pictures of recent projects
Chalwyn safety products
Engine shutdown valves and other safety products
Engine air intake positive shut off valves
If flammable gas or vapour is drawn into the intake of a diesel engine it acts as an additional ungoverned fuel supply. When this occurs the only certain way to stop the engine is with an air intake shut down valve.
Fuel shutdown valves
When used in conjunction with the appropriate Chalwyn intake air valve, the valve ensures simultaneous shut down of both engine air and fuel supply.
Exhaust spark arrestors
A basic but key safety feature for both hazardous area and lower risk diesel engine applications such as forestry or agriculture where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material.
Engine mounted flameproof alternators
Flameproof alternators designed specifically to mount on diesel engines as direct replacements for the standard alternator.
Marine Engines, Generators & Packages
Other custom products
Frontier logo
Other custom products
Motor generator (M-G) sets Power units General purpose trailers Pictures of recent projects

Frontier parts and service

Frontier logo
Complete support for all our products
Service Dept
Frontier has factory authorized and trained service technicians for all engine, generator and pump lines we stock.
After-hours parts and service
Parts & online services
Frontier stocks over 35,000 part numbers, supporting all our product lines
Check parts inventory online
Warranty information for all manufacturers Hot equipment deals

There are hundreds of diesel, gasoline, LP gas and natural gas powered products in Frontier's stable. We also offer custom electric and hydraulically powered equipment. If you do not see what you need please contact us.