Warranty Policy

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Warranty Policy
For New Frontier Manufactured
- Generator Sets
- Pumping Units
- Power Units
- Marine Propulsion and Marine Auxiliaries
- PowerTower Light Towers®
- Genesis Power Light®

Major Components
Major components used in the assembly are covered by the component manufacturers' warranty. Terms and conditions of these "original" warranties are normally supplied with the complete assembly. For example, a generator set will be shipped with copies of the manufacturer's warranty statement and registration forms. It is the purchasers responsibility to complete and submit warranty registration forms supplied. In some cases warranty repairs cannot be performed unless the registration forms are completed and returned to the component manufacturer.

Minor Components and Sub-Systems
Frontier uses many different minor components. Examples include gauges, switches, clutches, exhaust components, vibration isolators etc. Each one of these are also covered by the original equipment manufacturer's warranty. The terms of these warranties vary considerably but in general cover replacement or repair only of the faulty component. No allowances are made for freight costs or travel expenses. Generally, although these warranties may be short, Frontier will extend the warranty to one year/unlimited hours or two years/2,000 hours, whichever occurs first, when these components are incorporated into a Frontier manufactured assembly.

Frontier Manufactured Components
Components manufactured by Frontier, including wiring, plumbing, bases etc. are covered by a one year warranty from date of sale. These components will be replaced or repaired at Frontier's option. We do not accept claims for loss of usage, consequential damages, overtime labour charges, travel or accommodation.

Service Work And Rebuilt Assemblies
Service work and assemblies rebuilt by Frontier are warranted for 90 days from the date of delivery unless otherwise specified in writing.

We require that we be contacted before any warranty repairs are initiated. Before attempting warranty repairs we need to know the serial number(s) of the affected unit. Please provide a description of the problem so we may assist in diagnosing the problem and minimize downtime and disruption to the equipment owner.

Warranty Submittal
Request for warranty should be submitted to Frontier on our End-User Warranty Claim Form, or our Dealer Warranty Claim Form.

Submittal Deadline
Claims for warranty reimbursement must be made within 10 days of the completion of repairs. This is mandatory as some manufacturers and suppliers will not accept claims more then 14 days after the work is completed.

Warranty Reimbursement
Credits to Frontier from manufacturers will be promptly credited to your account. You may, if you wish, request payment. Please note that most repair time allowances on engines are limited by the manufacturer's flat rate guidelines. Repair parts credits are also prescribed.

Most warranty repairs are simple and straightforward. Occasionally, unusual circumstances or failures do occur and flexibility may be required in an effort to answer the problem. The key to a successful conclusion is to notify Frontier before attempting repairs.