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GE Stationary Generator Sets
1 MWe - 3 MWe

GE stationary diesel generators
Lower costs. Lower emissions. Higher fuel efficiency. GE sets the standard for dependable stationary power solutions. Our rugged design is optimized for fuel efficiency, low lifecycle costs and low emissions. As one of the world’s leading makers of medium-speed diesel engines, our proven technology is also used for continuous and standby power in stationary gensets. These advanced diesel engines deliver a powerful, dependable and fuel-efficient power source, even in the world’s harshest conditions.

Drawing on GE's experience as a leader in medium-speed engine design and manufacture, GE offers stationary power generation solutions that provide efficient, cost-effective service in some of the world’s harshest operating environments.

Powering these products are GE's reliable V228 and V250 Series engines, offering high fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs, in 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations. Power solutions range from 1.2 to 3 MW with generation of voltage up to 13,800 kV.

GE 250 and 228 series generator set brochure

GE L250 and V250 diesel engines and generator sets
This powerful engine is the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and environmentally compatible diesel engine ever built by GE Transportation. Models: 6L250, 8L250, 12V250, 16V250

GE L250 and V250 brochure

V228 Diesel Engines and Generator Sets
For dependability, fuel efficiency and lower life-cycle costs, GE Transportation’s V228 Series Diesel Engine is among the best in its class. An alternative to high- speed, high-cost power, this engine delivers a 3 to 5% fuel savings and nearly double the mean time between maintenance cycles in a typical power operation. Its high-capacity turbocharger, electronic fuel injection and efficient combustion management make fuel and lube oil consumption among the lowest in the industry.

GE V228 series diesel engines for stationary applications brochure

Key Features & Benefits
- Continuous operation in desert environments (with cyclonic or paper type air filtration)
- Uninterrupted operation during and after hurricane force winds
- Standard heavy-duty cooling system up to 50° C with no derate
- Flexible operation in island mode, load share, black start or parallel to utilities