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GE Marine Diesel Engines

GE has been designing and building high-performance diesel engines for more than 40 years. Today, GE is one of the leading manufacturers of medium-speed diesel engines in the world. GE's family of medium speed marine diesel engines includes 8, 12 and 16 cylinder V configurations, as well as inline 6 and 8 cylinder configurations.

With over 15,000 engines operating worldwide, working in some of the most challenging industrial environments, GE Engines are dependable, long lasting, durable and efficient. These high compression EFI engines deliver reduced fuel consumption, improved reliability and decreased emissions.

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L250 Marine Engine Tier 3/IMO Tier II
GE's first marine inline engine, the L250 was designed using proven technology to produce a powerful product with excellent fuel efficiency.
2035 - 2679 hp (1518 - 1998 kWm)

L250 Marine Engine Tier 3 brochure
L250 Marine Engine Tier II brochure

L250/V250 EPA Tier 4i and IMO Tier 3 engine fact sheet

V250 Marine Engine
In the V250 marine engine, GE has combined the best features of earlier engine designs with advancements proven to deliver efficiency, reliability and performance advantages.
3655 - 6250 hp
V250 Marine Engine Tier II brochure

V228 Marine Engine
GE's V228 engines (formerly 7FDM) produce continuous power from 1045 kw to 3060 kw. With exceptional reliability and operating costs among the lowest in their class, V228 engines are the right choice for dependable, efficient power.
2055 - 3857 hp
V228 high performance diesel engines brochure

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